We often associate white with purity, cleanliness, and peace (though in other countries, white represents mourning and death). White is also a prevalent background color in photography. It’s one of those background colors that can cause the subject to “pop” a bit more. Additionally, many colors are wonderfully emphasized when placed against a white background.

There are loads of ways to achieve a white background. White seamless papers are very common in studios. You can even put virtually anything on a white background using Photoshop. Bedsheets, white boards, window lights, unused calendars, white walls, … the list can go on.

In the stitched image above, the subject was placed against a window (window light) to obtain a white background. Also, a red-gelled SB600 was placed on the right of camera for the red highlights.

(It rarely snows here in Yokohama during winter seasons. That is why it is just beautiful to see the falling snowflakes outside right now, however fleeting and cold…)