There is much information that say SB600’s are not capable of repeating flash (RPT). Well, in a way, yes and no. Yes in the sense that unlike the SB800’s and SB900’s, there is no option to change the mode to RPT in the speedlight itself. And no in the sense that when coupled with a master unit (SB700, SB800, SB900, SU800) that is capable of RPT, the SB600 is just fine when in remote mode. I have not tried pop-up commanders though.

In the SB600 manual, the only mention of repeating flash is in page 61. It says, “If wireless repeating flash has been set on the master flash unit, remote flash units such as the SB600 will also perform repeating flash operation”. Brilliant. So I decided to give this handy little feature a go.

Setting the SU800 commander:

  • Set the SU800 to commander mode. (The switch is inside the battery compartment)
  • Press and hold SEL button for approximately 2 seconds to toggle between the Repeating and Commander flash operations. Confirm that the RPT is selected and displayed.
  • Set channel and group. My current settings here was channel 1 group A. The 3 dashes (see group C) mean that group is not firing, otherwise it is firing (see group A and B). Never mind group B since I don’t have flashes under group B.

Setting the flash output level, frequency and number of repeating flashes per frame:

  • Manual flash output level can be set in 1 step increment/decrement from 1/8 to 1/128. (No iTTL)
  • Frequency is the number of times the flash fires in a second. I’m using this computation as my rough approximation: [shutter speed x frequency = number of repeating flashes]. i.e. My shutter speed here is 1 second so 1 sec x 10 Hz = 10 fires.

Some sample shots from this test. Subject used was just a simple lamp. Nothing fancy really…

With a red gel…

Multiple exposure feature on the D3. I also like this in-camera feature as well. I cannot do this with my Canon. Of course, Photoshop can handle this stuff in a more sophisticated way. Nevertheless, being able to do this in camera is definitely brilliant if you ask me.

Settings (all images): 1sec @ f14 @ ISO200

Looking forward to use this feature in a more sophisticated way in the future. God bless everyone…