An Afternoon Of Bokeh And Shadows


Went for a little stroll at a nearby park here in Shonandai to give my little DIY flash filter holder a test. Just a couple of plastics and some electrical tapes really. Nothing magical. Here are some photos from the formidable 50mm 1.4D. I really love this lens.

Red and blue gels from right of camera. The accents were kinda weird though but I like them anyway. =)

Sunlight accented with a half CTO…

Red gel from left…

God bless everyone…




Got an SB-600 this morning. Despite it undergoing a lot of nuking stress since its arrival, the little one is just as impressive as I have expected it to be. Easy to use, light and compact, quite good recycles… really appeals to my liking, this one.

I’m not in any form or way, paid to be endorsing Kitkats in this post, whatsoever. It just so happened that we’ve got loads of these lot crammed in the kitchen corner. And mind you, “corners” are really indispensable treasure geysers when one is in an urgent wish for a swift, home-made, always available, virtually cashless lighting setup but not having the right goods at hand (yet).

D3 + 50mm 1.4D: 1/250 @ f8 @ ISO 800; FEC +2.7, zoomed to 24mm

The setup: a couple of shoe boxes, to be disposed 2010 calendar (back) for background, VHS tapes as diffuser stand (+snoot), and a bond paper as diffuser.

The diffuser setup proved to be effective after all… and fun. =)

Here’s another one from the kitchen corners; trash bin specifically. But I wouldn’t be calling this garbage photography.

D3 + 50mm 1.4D: 1/250 @ f5.6 @ ISO 200; FEC -1.0, zoomed to 85mm

D3 + 50mm 1.4D: 1/250 @ f5.6 @ ISO 200; FEC -1.0, zoomed to 85mm

The setup: suit cover as background (the white markings was covered with a black laptop case), VHS tapes as reflectors this time, and a disposable plate for top fill reflector (handheld).

So there you go. One SB-600. And a little bit of improvisation. Works great. God bless everyone.

Bounce Flash

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We always hear from photographers saying direct flash is harsh, unnatural and unattractive light. And well, yes, it definitely is. However, inasmuch as it is not a sin to use direct flash, and no one’s stopping you to continue using it, let alone confiscate your camera for it, bouncing your flash to your right/left/back wall or even to the ceiling could make your photographs a tad more “natural”. Of course, as long as there is something we can bounce our light off, we’re good to go with this very basic lighting technique, even if that something is actually someone wearing a white shirt.

Left/Right: Canon 50D + EFS 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM; 1/60 @ f5.6 @ ISO 800

In this stitched image, flash was bounced off to camera’s back-left direction. Some parts of the right image are overexposed a bit to give a little definition to Ichigo’s black robes.

Canon 50D + EFS 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM: 1/100 @ f8 @ ISO 800

Flash bounced up to the ceiling approximately 4ft. high. This was done in a fairly dim, fluorescent room. Selective color was done in post processing.

Canon 50D + EFS 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM;  1/30 @ f5.6 @ ISO 400; FEC: +1

Flash was bounced off to top-left of camera. Shot stealthily inside a mall with a fairly high ceiling, more of a hit-miss situation. Flash was gelled with full CTO.

Canon 50D + EFS 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM

Left: 1/80 @ f3.5 @ ISO 800; Right: 1/200 @ f5.6 @ ISO 400

And finally, flash gelled with 1/2 CTO and camera set to tungsten white balance for the left photo. As for the right with the mirror, the wall was painted light green. Since light always picks up the color of the reflected surface, our flash here was gelled with 1/4 CTO to retain natural skin tones and camera was set to daylight white balance.

God bless everyone.