When Japan’s 8.9 Quake Happened…

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… I was at Lenovo Office in Yokohama, Japan.

I was on the 21st floor floor when it happened. And when you’re that high on a building and it’s already impossible to stand without holding on to something, and you can see/hear the doors banging, and the stuff on your desk are moving, and your attempts to recompose yourself and stay calm just utterly fail and fade into nothingness, you can’t help but think of, well, many things (including the possibly unfortunate fate of my gears left at home)…

For the nth time, we are still experiencing aftershocks but thankfully, in varying but lesser magnitude…

(Saturday, March 12, 2011 05:36:48PM JST)

… still experiencing tremors every now and then. And possibly more in the coming days. Scheduled blackouts (and no water) here in Fujisawa will start tomorrow.

(Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:45:48PM JST)


An Afternoon Of Bokeh And Shadows


Went for a little stroll at a nearby park here in Shonandai to give my little DIY flash filter holder a test. Just a couple of plastics and some electrical tapes really. Nothing magical. Here are some photos from the formidable 50mm 1.4D. I really love this lens.

Red and blue gels from right of camera. The accents were kinda weird though but I like them anyway. =)

Sunlight accented with a half CTO…

Red gel from left…

God bless everyone…

Inside the House

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It is freezing cold here in Japan. Well, I really don’t fancy winter seasons that much. All these itchiness and drying of skin… right now, my ams and my thighs are full of itching red blotches! The chilling temperature outside is more than enough to effortlessly rob my fingers of the capacity to feel or move normally (let alone squeeze the shutter), and cause my toes to numb and turn purplish. And all these scarves and gloves and sorts of heavy clothing stacked on top of each other…; its uncomfortable. And what could be more irksome than those doorknobs and metal drawers consistently giving me ear-tingling (static) electric shocks every time I touch them? Worse, I always forget that they do! (LOL) Winter, oh winter…

Controlling my camera also tends to be very challenging at this time of year. A few exhales directed to the back LCD condense immediately to droplets, wetting and obscuring the LCD. And the already numbed fingers wrapped with very thick gloves… good thing the D3 is, as heavy as it is, fortunately thick glove-friendly.

Being locked up inside the house during winter is not really a bad thing as far as photography is concerned. I believe that photographs are everywhere, inasmuch as light is everywhere; including inside our very own house. Even though winterly mood can be partly blamed why things we see sometimes appear so unbecoming, unspirited and gray, subtle available light with a touch of blandness can be simple recipes to good photographs.

That being said, sometimes I have to force myself to see a little bit beyond the familiar, everyday-seen, almost insignificant ‘heres and theres’ inside the house.

I’m still saving for flashes, you know. So free, available light for now.

Nikon D3 + AF 50mm f1.4D. God bless everyone.